We provide consulting services on metabolomic study design, data acquisition by gas or liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry (GC-MS or LC-MS), data analysis, and biological interpretation of results. In addition, we assist our clients in customized application of our tools.

Omics Study Design

Assist in experimental design to carry out a successful metabolomic study.

Metabolomic Data Acquisition

Facilitate acquisition of metabolomic data using GC-MS and LC-MS platforms.

Metabolomic Data Analysis

Use network-based methods for differential analysis of metabolite profiles to unravel the relationship of metabolites and diseases.

Multi-Omic Data Integration

Perform network-based multi-omic data integration for biomarker discovery and systems biology research.

Biological Insight

Perform pathway enrichment analysis to assist in biological interpretation of results from omic studies.


Assist clients in customized application of our tools.