OmicsCraft provides metabolomics core facilities and research scientists with bioinformatics platforms and expertise that enable them to efficiently and accurately perform metabolite identification, differential analysis of metabolite profiles, and multi-omic data integration.

Our team has expertise in designing metabolomic studies for various applications including disease characterization, biomarker discovery, and systems biology research.
We develop tools for metabolite annotation, identification of disease-associated metabolites, and integration of metabolomic data with other omic datasets.

MS Data Analysis

perform analysis of data acquired by mass spectrometry (MS) for metabolomic studies.

Metabolite Identification

improve metabolite identification by integrating information from multiple compound databases and spectral libraries.

Multi-Omic Data Integration

perform multi-omic data integration using network-based methods.


work with an interdisciplinary team consisting of bioinformaticists, engineers, and omic experts.


Customized services tailored to your specific needs.


Easily accessible, cloud-based, and browser-friendly tools.

Dynamic solutions

Access to state-of-the-art computational tools, spectral libraries, and databases.